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Before I start, I just wanna say that this is my first blog so no judge! haha. Anywho this blog is about me, Erik Isiah Louis, and my 1st adventure and privilege to serve where the need is greater, specifically in Italy and Israel. Thanks to Jehovah I get to be "A Need Greater"! Chee! So follow me on my adventure as me and my friends serve Jehovah where the need is greater!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!?!?!

EH! EH! DIE BOLOGNA! DIE BOLOGNA! DIE BOLOGNA! EH! EH! This was just 1 of the many chants which were being roared throughout the football stadium in Bologna today (Just to let you know, in Italian DIE means "Come on!" so don't worry they weren't literally telling the Bologna Football team to die, that would be just awkward) so in translation they were yelling GO BOLOGNA! GO BOLOGNA! GO BOLOGNA! Some of the other chants I can't repeat because they are bad haha.

Sitting in the Die Hard Fans section! CHEEHOO!
Anywho this post is about FOOTBALL! Not American football but football as in soccer. Today I got to go to my first ever Italian football match with my good friends Paolo and Andrea (AKAThe Moke and also the biggest Bologna Football Fan out there! haha). Todays match was a good 1! It was Bologna VS. Napoli. I'll be your sportscaster now and explain why it was a good game, HERE WE GO! 1st off Napoli has a good team this year, they are 3rd in the Italian league while Bologna is 9th (the league is out of 20 teams) so as you can imagine this is a big game for Bologna. On top of that this was the last game for the Team Captain of Bologna because he got a good deal from a Canadian team, so he is leaving. The fans are very sad about this but at the same time happy for him, some fans were even crying next to me! haha Football is huge here in Italy. This is also the last game here in Bologna for this year because it's the end of the season. So the fans wanna go out with a BANG! Btw All this information was provided by Andrea and Paolo hahahaha!

But yea This football match was so much fun! We were singing Italian football chants, cheering our heads off and overall having a blast!  I got to enjoy a very good match with my 2 friends. It was even especially good because we won! haha! 2 to 0! Andrea was soooo happy! haha. After the game we waited on the street by the players gate so we can see the Bologna football team leave, pretty sweet! Now I am officially a Bologna football fan! CHEEEEEHOOOOO!!!! Anyways Thats it for this blog, the next 1 I am not  too sure what I'm gonna write about, so if you have any suggestions just let me know by commenting or emailing me. I would like to get your opinion. But I just want to say Thankyou all for following me on my adventures! I appreciate it! I'll try my best to keep posting often. Today I posted 2 blogs, don't expect that often because I only did so because I had choke time haha. But yea thanks! Take care now. Ciao Grazie! :)

We Won! Thats Wassup!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    I've been waiting to ask this question hoping that the answer will miraculously come to me but it's not. What does choke mean???? Cuz everytime I hear the word choke its never a good thing.

    1. Hahahaha that's choke funny! Haha choke means a lot in Hawaiian slang. So "whoa that's a lot of birds!" would = "go das choke birds cuz" lol

  2. hahahaha! yea what he said. It means alot basically. Thanks Kinohi! Pidgin 101 LOL

  3. Well I'm glad I gave you 2 some amusement. :) I was thouroughly confused! But I think I understand now. Thanks you guys! Might need some more pidgin 101 lessons in the future.

  4. I am ever grateful that you explained what "die" means, I was gasping in horror LOL

    1. bahahahaha! you know what's even more funny is that I spelt "die" wrong. It's actually "dai" lol