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Before I start, I just wanna say that this is my first blog so no judge! haha. Anywho this blog is about me, Erik Isiah Louis, and my 1st adventure and privilege to serve where the need is greater, specifically in Italy and Israel. Thanks to Jehovah I get to be "A Need Greater"! Chee! So follow me on my adventure as me and my friends serve Jehovah where the need is greater!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Backpacking At It's Finest

Backpacking- Traveling with just your backpack and whatever can fit in it.  Well ladies and gents, thats exactly what we (Luke, Javen & Me) did this past week in London and Ireland! My backpack was my home for the past week! haha And what a adventure it was!

Saying good bye for now to our friends Effie and Charles
First we started off in London. In London we got to see Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, The British Museum and even rented bikes around the city for just a pound! Oh and we also lost Luke on the 1st day! hahaha (Don't worry but we found him a couple of hours later) but even though that happened we still had choke fun! During our visit we stayed with a local brother named Charles. Awesome guy! Super funny too! And also we got to meet Effie, a local sister in London. We had dinner with the both of them at a really good Japanese restaurant. We had a great time with them. And on top of that the food was soooooo ONO! It reminded me of home in Hawaii  (Oh how I miss the food back in Hawaii).

Master B Boy himself.... Alan!
London Bridge! YEA!
Anywho The next place we went was to Dublin, Ireland! We stood in a hostel the 1st 2 nights and got to explore the city of Dublin. We got to go and see a lot of the sites in Dublin like the Guinness factory, Temple bar and even the oldest bar in Ireland which was made in 1198! 1 night we met up with a brother named Alan who picked us up and took us to his meeting, really great guy and an awesome break dancer! haha.  It just so happened that it was his C.O. visit this week, so we got to hear the C.O.'s talk! and on top of that they showed a special video that the organization had made not too long ago which talked about the history of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ireland and how it all started! That was amazing! Afterwards Alan took us out with a group of brothers and sisters which was really fun.

Da Sligo Crew!
Towards the end of our trip we went to the country side of Ireland in a area called Sligo (It's on the west side of Ireland). Beautiful place! Cruised with a bunch of really cool brothers and sisters from Sligo and even 2 brothers visiting from El Salvador all day! They showed us Conney Island, The town of Sligo and to top it all off have a camp fire in the middle of the woods underneath a big fat full moon. Pretty sweet! On a random note,  these brothers and sisters love to surf too! CHEEHEE! Really great group of friends.

Overall this trip was AMAZING!  but even though we got to see so many amazing places and do so many amazing things, thats not what made this trip so amazing. The really amazing part was all the new friendships I had made! Before this we didn't know a single person on this trip, nada! But with the help of Jehovah through some of our friends back at home, we got to meet up with these wonderful brothers and sisters and form great and lasting friendships! They all showed us so much love and hospitality to us while we were there, From showing us around there area, to taking us out and even giving us places to stay! We went from being complete strangers, to close friends in a matter of a few days, for others a matter of hours! I am so grateful to be part of this united worldwide brotherhood that our loving God Jehovah has provided! Really, if it wasn't for Jehovah our trip would not have been this great and successful. So to conclude I just want to say Thank you all again, our friends in London and Ireland, for the wonderful time to you have showed us this past week! I will never forget your great love and hospitality you have shown us and I will always remember the great times we had! Keep in touch and take care! See you later! and Thankyou again once more! 

Back Pack Buddies!


  1. Dude u guys lost Luke?!?!?! For 2 hours! Hahaha that's so funny!! I mean kinda scary/not so funny... But still hilarious!! Haha I'm glad u guys found each other. That woulda been horrible :/ but keep up the good work guys. Love ur posts airwick

  2. actually it was for like 4 to 5 hours hahaha it was actually pretty fun tryin to find him but lol. Thanks man, you too! I love your posts bra, you update so often it makes me look bad hahahah nah nah jk. Keep instagramin too bra, your pics r mean!