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Before I start, I just wanna say that this is my first blog so no judge! haha. Anywho this blog is about me, Erik Isiah Louis, and my 1st adventure and privilege to serve where the need is greater, specifically in Italy and Israel. Thanks to Jehovah I get to be "A Need Greater"! Chee! So follow me on my adventure as me and my friends serve Jehovah where the need is greater!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet Da New Crew!

Ok everybody before I start, I just wanted to let everyone know that this post is ALL about my bro's! If you didn't know, this past friday night me and Javen moved out of "The Moke's" house and into a new place in a area called Casalecchio (Just across town from where we were) with 3 other brothers, 1 who just came and the other 2 who were here for 4 months already. They are.......


Luke Hernandez (just arrived)
-Age: 21
-From the island of Oahu
-Personal trainer and Body guard of the house

-Trevor Barret
-Age: 24
-Pioneer & MS
-From Alaska
-A true Alaskan gentlemen

Zechariah Fuller
-Age: 28
-Pioneer & MS
-From the island of Kauai
-Chef of the house
-Future C.O.
(I added his blog to my page so you guys can check em out too)

Javen Okumoto
Age: 21
-Pioneer & MS
-From the island of Oahu
-Angel 0:)
(I put him here so he don't feel left out haha)

So as I was saying we moved into a new place in a area called Casalecchio.  Picture a 1 bedroom, 1 bath (which has a crazy shower) , living room/kitchen and 5 grown men in it.  Thats my life. And to tell you the truth, its pretty awesome!  All these guys are so cool, I love em!  We have dinner together, work out together (Btw on a side note Luke is a certified personal trainer and a good 1, highly recommend him), go traveling together, also gonna have family study nights together and so many more great things. It's choke fun! We are 1 big happy and dysfunctional family haha. They are my brothers from other mothers! hahaha.  But more importantly they are my fellow brothers who love and serve Jehovah too :) I love all these guys because they all build me up spiritually one way or another. All are solid brothers and have great spiritual goals, which is great because it helps me to continue to pursue my own spiritual goals and to continue to progress and mature in life as a young man.Total BROMANCE!!! hahaha.  So yea thats basically the newest with me here. Just wanted to introduce everyone to my brothers haha. But I'll keep you all updated as much as I can. Take care now! Until next time :). POW!!!


  1. Wow that's an all star team! Haha keep up the good work guys

    1. haha thanks man! you too! btw awesome blog!

  2. You guys are hilarious!..Enough people for a basketball team...should definitely start practicing for the olympics. I'm glad Luke made it there safely. Tell the monkey I miss fighting & arguing with him too.

    1. LOL thanks Sammy! yea we look good as a unit hahaha. I told him and he said the same thing haha

  3. oh my.. it's the backstreet boys all rooming together! haha

    1. We actually do blast backstreet boyz when we are home haha!