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Before I start, I just wanna say that this is my first blog so no judge! haha. Anywho this blog is about me, Erik Isiah Louis, and my 1st adventure and privilege to serve where the need is greater, specifically in Italy and Israel. Thanks to Jehovah I get to be "A Need Greater"! Chee! So follow me on my adventure as me and my friends serve Jehovah where the need is greater!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Ok everybody this week has been so SUPAH crazy and busy, I apologize in advance if it seems like I'm writing a novel haha. It's just that everyday has been jam packed with events, which honestly I can barely even remember them all. So let me recap for all of you of this SUPAH week.....

Welcome to Urbino!

This is how we roll

The weekend before we took a trip to Pesaro and Urbino to meet with some of our Italian friends! We had lunch at there house and Their food was sooooo good! Ate so much! actually too much haha. Afterwards we went to a small town named Urbino, which has a GIANT castle! Pretty mean! Then afterwards we went back to there place and had a pretty good size gathering at there house for dinner. It was so much fun because the only way I could communicate with them and our other italian friends was through my google translator because they know very little english and I know very little italian, put the 2 together and you have a very confusing conversation haha nah we could still have a conversation, it just took alot more gestures, explaing and typing haha. Then afterwards they were kind enough to let us stay for the night and in the morning even cook breakfast! They showed us so much hospitality it was amazing! We appreciated them so much.

Bro. Hodson

Next this week was Circuit Overseer Visit! Our Circuit Overseer is Brother Julian Hodson and his wife is Vivian Hodson.  He has been in the circuit work since 1998.  Really cool guy and an awesome speaker. His favorite word to say is SUPAH! hahaha (thus adding to the title of this post). But anywho This week we had a weird meeting schedule. We had our Theocratic Ministry School, Service meeting and C.O. Service talk on Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon at 3, we had our Pioneer meeting.  Friday night we had our Public talk, Congregation Book Study and C.O. Service talk. This is not even including all of the meetings for field service we had everyday.  Now your probably wondering why we didn't have our watchtower study and 1 more C.O. service talk, well I'll tell you why..... in a lil bit haha it's a surprise. But anywho On top of this SUPAH schedule, we had the privilege of serving him and his wife lunch in our house! We had salmon, shoyu chicken, white rice, salad, spinach and chocolate covered macadamia nuts. SUPAH Great lunch haha.
Feeding the C.O. 

Getting PUMPED!
During all of this Circuit Overseer activity tho, we were also working out everyday! Thanks to our personal trainer Luke Hernandez.  My body is SUPAH sore every single day! haha.  But it's so worth it. He knows his stuff. and We are determined to get in shape! haha.  So to stay healthy we are working out and also watching our diet, meaning grocery shopping together, getting healthy yet cheap food for the whole family.  Thanks to Zech and his SUPAH cooking skills, we barely have to cook haha.


Epic grocery shopping

On Saturday night, we had a farewell party as a congregation for Brother and Sister Hodson at the Cornetti's residents.  SUPAH great association and SUPAH food! At 1 point we had Ricardo and James (my little Italian brothers) interview them both asking them some pretty funny question like you know how they met, was it love at first sight, stuff like that. And then we played a fun bible game, which we did not do to good at, even though we had brother and sister Hodson on our team haha.

Bologna Boyz

James and Ricardo Interrogating Brother and Sister Hodson

Now for the SUPAH surprise! This Sunday we had the privilege of attending Italy's Zone Visit! Totally did not know until we arrived in Italy that they were gonna have 1.  But to have this SUPAH event, they had all the assembly halls across Italy video tie-in to Rome, where the brothers were giving the talk. This was the 1st time they ever did this! But only certain circuits were invited, and fortunately for us we were 1 of them haha.  We were assigned to the Imola assembly hall.  5,000 of our brothers and sisters were with us at that assembly hall. The total attendance which tied in was 55,409! SUPAH! The only thing that I could think of that kind made it not so SUPAH was that the 1st half of it was all in ITALIAN! even the watch tower (if you don't know me, I don't know Italian. Well very little actually but not enough for a assembly) So yea I was basically lost for the 1st half of the assembly and taking a little recess break somewhere with the boyz (not saying where but they had good chocolate milkshakes haha just sayin).  The last talk on the other hand was awesome! (partly because it was in english and translated into Italian this time). But really the talk was amazing. Such great reminders for us all. Overall the zone visit was SUPAH! Just being in that warm and loving atmosphere of our fellow brothers and sisters. Making many new friends, even if most of them didn't understand a word I was saying and vice versa haha the brotherly love was still there. A united brotherhood :).
Breakfast before Zone Visit

Outside seating

Inside seating

English talk being translated into Italian

So yea that was basically my week.  There were many more stories but it would of made this blog way too long.  Thank you all for following my blog! If you have any questions and comments just comment away or email me, and I will be happy to answer them.  Also if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to post, let me know! Other than that, that's all I have to say about this past week. So now I'm off to London and Dubland for a week! CHEEHOO!!! That will be my next post, so stay tuned! Oh and don't forget the SUPAH!!! :D hahaha

Oh yea and Zech gave me a awesome hair cut too haha.

good bye hair


  1. SUPAH amazing.. got butterflies just by reading this!!!!

  2. That was... Super. Hahaha cool man keep up the posts and the hard work. Telll all the boys I said Wassup!! Take care

    1. Will do man bc I have to try and keep up with all your posts that you put up! haha and I did bra and they said wassup! Take care too bro

  3. That's awesome Erik!..You seriously need to gain meat & Luke needs to help you work out. What a great spiritually upbuilding past weeks for you to have CO visit & Zone Visit. I'm so J!.HAHA. Btw, I'm going to send you my friends email who lives in Dublin, you better contact her when you're there!

    1. LOL! Anywho Sammy... haha nah thanks! it was a pretty awesome week. and btw I did try and contact her but she never email me back but its ok we made alot of new friends while we were there anyways. but thanks for tryin to help us get in contact with them!

  4. Sounds like your having fun. You will never forget these experiences. We love reading your blog here in Florida. Can't wait for pictures and updates from Ireland.

    1. Yea we are having a blast here. Glad you guys love my blog! I'm going to update my blog real soon so just stay tuned!

  5. this was all so SUPAH EXCITING BAH! keep it up bromo :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience....we miss you

  7. Thanks Aunty Jen! I miss you guys too! Tell Ka'i and the girls I said hi!

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